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Listing details: Lota's Goat - Dallas, TX

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Listing details: Lota's Goat - Dallas, TX

Address: 7248 Gaston Avenue
Town: Dallas, TX
Phone Number: 214-327-8119
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8 / 10
Actually called "The Goat" since 2005, this bar is an odd place. I've heard some of the best live blues & jazz around in this bar and I've been around. It's 'out of the way' location alone marks it as 'easy to miss'. It's a dive bar, unpretentious for the better part and now sees a cross-over to the 20 to 30's crowd (karaoke 'Punk to Bob Wills'... lol) on Wednesdays and Sundays. Although the gems are the Monday night Blues Jams with Tony DeCicco, Perry Jones & James Perkins and every Thursday night, Pete Barbeck with Tim Neilley & Fred Gleber host the currently longest running Blues and Rock & Roll Jam in town! They started playing there when it was called the 'Office Lounge' just over 10 years ago.

Like any other bar or music venue, they have their slow nights and then pack 'em the next. The list of artists who have at one time or another hit their stage, is impressive indeed. Including (outside the above mentioned main-stays), - random order - Lucky Peterson, 'Jr Boy' Jones, Joe Jonas, Pops Carter, Johnnie Woods, Bill Eden, Texas Slim, Hash Brown, Lance Lopez, James Hinkle, Andrea Dawson, JR & Sister Rose (for years on Tuesdays), The Kenny Barker Band (with David Jo Frame & Don Landry - special guest 'Bruce Bowland', also a long loyal mainstay on Tues., Fri. or Sat.), TopCats, Silvertones, Rob Hunt, Aaron Burton (recently), Jackie Don Loe with Jay Dronge & Peter Kaplan, every 3rd Fri of the month... I can go on forever...(don't be mad cause I didn't mention yer name...)

You wanna hear someone blow? I take my chances with The Goat on Mondays and Thursdays anytime! For Fridays and Saturdays, check their calendar on myspace. (
R Bennett - Dallas, TX
Reviewed Feb 14, 2010 9:35PM

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